The Lvivshchyna Foundation was established in 2023 on the initiative of Iryna Hrymak, a member of the Lviv Regional Council.

The Foundation’s goal is to help communities in Lviv region develop. The Foundation also works in the following areas: assistance to the frontline, implementation of social initiatives, support for eco-projects and promotion of resort and investment potential.

The Lviv Region Foundation regularly assists the Ukrainian military in providing technical equipment and humanitarian aid.

In May 2023, the Lvivshchyna Foundation co-organized the Western Ukrainian Eco-Forum in Pustomyty, which became a platform for dialogue between the government and entrepreneurs on the development of eco- and organic entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Thanks to Iryna Hrymak’s initiative, more than 1000 schools in Lviv Oblast received a manual on national and patriotic education by Lviv philologist Feodosia Kolesnyk entitled Speak Ukrainian because you live on your own land.

On December 6, 2023, the Heroes Center was opened in Turka. This is a veteran space that provides assistance and support to demobilized military personnel and their families.

The Heroes’ Center works as a meeting and socializing place for veterans where they can receive such services:

  • Professional psychological assistance: individual and group counseling, trainings, seminars, workshops on psychological health, stress, trauma, family relationships, etc.
  • Legal assistance: consultations and support on obtaining statuses, benefits, compensation, housing, land, employment, protection of the rights and interests of veterans and their families.
  • Social adaptation: assistance in establishing contacts with the community, authorities, public organizations, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, cultural and sports institutions, etc.
  • Cultural and patriotic events: organizing and conducting excursions, competitions, games, volunteer activities, etc.

Iryna Hrymak initiated the creation of the Heroes Center. Turka City Council became a partner in the project. In 2024, similar veterans’ spaces will be opened in several other communities in Lviv Oblast.

On February 24, 2024, Lviv hosted a large-scale charity auction called Drones of Revenge, organized by Iryna Hrymak’s Lvivshchyna Charitable Foundation and the Warrior’s House.

Thanks to the benefactors, more than a million hryvnias were raised. These funds were used to purchase FPV drones for four brigades: the 125th Territorial Defense Brigade, the 24th Mechanized Brigade, the 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade, and the 103rd Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces.


Lvivshchyna Foundation starts cooperation with the Union of Women of Lviv Region

Lvivshchyna Foundation starts cooperation with the Union of Women of Lviv Region

Засновниця Фонду "Львівщина" Ірина Гримак і голова правління "Спілки жінок Львівщини" Дана Мехедова підписали меморандум про співпрацю. Спільними напрямками роботи будуть: допомога військовослужбовцям, малозабезпеченим та багатодітнім сім'ям, а також особам похилого віку. Додамо, Фонд «Львівщина» створений у 2023 році за ініціативи депутатки Львівської обласної ради Ірини Гримак. Фонд...

We continue our humanitarian mission with social institutions in Lviv region

We continue our humanitarian mission with social institutions in Lviv region

The Lvivshchyna Foundation, with the support of its Belgian partners, continues to support social institutions that care for people from vulnerable groups. This time, they visited the Lviv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital and the Monastyrokyi Psychoneurological Boarding School, where they donated medical mattresses and furniture to equip treatment and prevention rooms. [gallery...

Visited the Rozdil orphanage

Together with Yaryna Yatsenko, head of the Novorozdilska AH, they handed over warm clothes and sweets to the children.   I was touched by the warm meeting with the children of...