Iryna Hrymak «Lvivshchyna»

Lvivshchyna Foundation

works and helps residents in several ways:

Community development

We create projects that make life more comfortable for the residents of Lviv Oblast’s AHs and make the work of the leadership more transparent

Helping Ukrainian soldiers

Now it is especially important for our defenders to have everything they need – high-quality equipment, communications, medical equipment, and food. That’s why the Lvivshchyna Foundation is constantly bringing these things to the war zone. It is our duty to support Ukrainian Heroes. We also provide legal and psychological counselling to the military and their families.

Social initiatives

In the Lviv region, there are geriatric centres, orphanages, and specialised institutions. The people who live there always need medical or household equipment, clothes, food, professional psychological help, and organisation of daily life.

Environment and resort potential

The Lviv region has many natural resources for the development of sanatorium treatment, tourism and recreation. The Lvivshchyna Foundation joins eco-initiatives and implements important tourism and recreation projects.


Lviv region is potentially interesting for international and domestic investors. That is why we are constantly communicating with entrepreneurs, holding image and economic forums.