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We continue our humanitarian mission with social institutions in Lviv region

Nov 7, 2023

The Lvivshchyna Foundation, with the support of its Belgian partners, continues to support social institutions that care for people from vulnerable groups.

This time, they visited the Lviv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital and the Monastyrokyi Psychoneurological Boarding School, where they donated medical mattresses and furniture to equip treatment and prevention rooms.

“Both institutions take care of people who need constant care and treatment. Therefore, it is important to know their needs and provide them with everything they need as much as possible,” said Taras Zozulya, head of the Foundation.
The Lvivshchyna Foundation was established in 2023 on the initiative of Lviv Regional Council member Iryna Hrymak. The Lvivshchyna Foundation regularly assists the Ukrainian military with technical equipment and humanitarian aid, works with local communities, and supports social projects and eco-initiatives. In May, Lvivshchyna Foundation co-organised the Western Ukrainian Eco-Forum in Pustomyty, which became a platform for dialogue between the government and entrepreneurs on the development of eco- and organic entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Iryna Hrymak also initiated a unique project on national and patriotic education. Schools in the Lviv region were provided with methodological manuals “Speak Ukrainian, because you live on your own land!” by philologist Feodosia Kolesnyk, which are aimed at teaching the Ukrainian language through national and patriotic education.